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ICRA® for Creators

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For creators, ICRA® is a great opportunity within their reach to be able to more easily access to investors and buyers with the aim of achieving the sale of projects.


Within the industry, there are many Completion Bond agents but they are only accessible to large corporations with high budgets and always for audiovisual productions already in progress. However, the recent boom in investment and purchases of projects in development makes the figure of certifications such as ICRA® even more relevant for both investors/buyers and creators.

See the Official 2022 ICRA® Certification Rates for creators here.

A big step towards investors

ICRA® is the trusted authority in audiovisual projects certifications for investors and buyers interested. Our exclusive and unique methodology and tools enable creators to certify projects with standardized investment and business criteria. As a trusted 3rd party, we provide creators with an official certification and seal to validate and promote their projects into investors, funds and buyers.


Start your first ICRA®

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